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Ingenio Consulting exists to support companies who make money from selling technology solutions.
With offices in Dublin and London, Ingenio Consulting are a team of skilled advisers dedicated to leveraging our expertise to help technology companies achieve sales and operational performance goals.
Our passion is technology, our experience is in sales, delivery and operations particularly in the niche communications industry.

  • Sales

    Ingenio Consulting work with sales leadership teams dedicated to improving performance

  • Performance

    Our practical experience running international technology business means we know what type of performance you should be striving for.

  • Consultancy

    Above all else, our advice and guidance is practical. We deliver programs that achieve results and have been tried and tested. Our approach works.

Sales Performance

All of our consulting engagements are discovery led to ensure Ingenio Consulting are working with you to understand your business needs.
Sales Leadership Support

Many of our clients outsource their sales leadership to Ingenio consultants to drive their sales performance given our background running successful client acquisition teams
Ingenio Consulting work with you to manage your sales team by implementing our sales leadership tactics designed to generate revenue impacting results.


Ingenio Consulting work with a number of SME’s and corporate clients to help them expand into new geographies. This is often through our partner/re seller enablement program.
This program is designed to align your business with a partner in a new geography equipped to sell your technology solution and grow your business cost effectively.


Whether you’re a business that is launching a new product or selling to a new vertical, Ingenio’s team of consultants are equipped to design a tailored go-to-market plan that delivers immediate results. Our experience and know-how in setting up and running successful technology businesses is transferable. See for yourself!

Sales proccess re-engineering

Many of our clients find it difficult to effectively manage the process of “on-boarding” new clients which causes costly “process gaps” between sales, technology and delivery teams.
Ingenio consultants design new, or alter existing processes conducive to your business to minimize on-boarding time and maximize positive customer experience.

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Our Work

Some of the projects we've delivered and clients we've worked with include
  • Azimuth

    Ingenio provided a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy completed with assistance from Azimuth Power to support their new business sales activity targeting the African corporate market. The first part of the project involved setting sales objectives and fiscal targets with the second part involving a market analysis.
    The sales engagement involved developing the “Azimuth Deal Process” and aims to achieve immediate new business success in the Ghanain market, focusing on outbound activity and achieving the KPI’s set out and mutually agreed between Azimuth and Ingenio.
    The project was successfully completed within budget and has enabled  Azimuth to implement a fit for purpose sales strategy for their business as they continue to grow.
    For more information on this project and others Ingenio has delivered contact
    Marketing Sales
  • Xtremepush

    Xtremepush provide a multi-channel and analytics engagement platform to clients across a variety of industries including Fintech, Media, Recruitment, Sport and Retail.


    One of the biggest challenges for any new technolgy business is outbound demand generation and effectively profiling the “right” type of target accounts. Ingenio Consulting worked with Xtremepush to deliver a series of sales performance modules focused on Outbound Demand Generation and Target Account Selling to increase the number of new clients being acquired.


    The first stage in achieving sustainable outbound demand generation is to successfully identify your ideal client profile on the basis of vertical, geography or market. Creating accountability and competition within your sales team is also majorly important to achieve success.

    Ingenio delivered a series of workshops that focused on

    1. Client profiling.
    2. Identifying realistic and achievable sales targets.
    3. Lead qualification training designed to understand risks, issues and actions associated with each lead.
    4. Live outbound client calling workshop.


    Our workshops resulted in a significant improvement in how Xtremepush acquire new clients.  According to Tommy Kearns, CEO at Xtremepush ” the level of practical insight that Ingenio were able to share around target account selling and effective lead qualification was hugely beneficial for our team, it enabled us to acquire more clients almost immediately.

  • Netspeed

    NETSPEED are an Irish IT Services Support Company focusing on SME’s in Ireland and the UK. NETSPEED also specialise in delivering high speed internet access to leading hotel chains across the UK and Ireland.

    Ingenio Consulting became engaged with NETSPEED to provide a consolidated business plan to focus the strategy of the business moving forward. To compliment the business plan, Ingenio worked with the NETSPEED to design a new sales process and structure aimed at targeting both SME’s and Hospitality clients in the UK and Ireland.

    To ensure the success of a newly designed sales process by a third party, NETSPEED outsourced their sales management to Ingenio Consulting, utilizing our Sales Leadership offering.  This meant Ingenio could provide an ongoing insight into NETSPEED sales activity, while being fully accountable for the work we had delivered.

    Strategy and Sales
  • Sabio

    Sabio are a leading independent contact centre technology specialist with an international presence, renowned for delivering innovative solutions to enterprise clients across the world.

    Ingenio worked with Sabio to deliver a consultancy program which was an exploratory piece of work designed  to support decisions on how best to enter the US market. In addition to acting as a precursor to the creation of a Sabio US presence, this program also sought to better define the requirements for the first US employee in order to address the new business opportunity. Sabio’s stated intention was to significantly grow the business over the next three years by increasing revenues.

    There were five headline work-streams which Ingenio undertook to support recommendations in order for Sabio to realise the opportunity in the US. These were;

    1. Define desired go-to-market approach.
    2. Identify sales alliance opportunities.
    3. Review options for writing both client and partner-led US business.
    4. Consider the risks.
    5. Facilitate decision-making concerning key questions.

    In this instance, Ingenio acted as a support function to aid the decision making process for Sabio’s leadership team given Ingenio’s experience setting up a successful US based technology business. This was an extensive piece of work that was delivered on-time and within budget which was used to make a key strategic decision for the US opportunity.

    See what Adam Faulkner at Sabio had to say about working with the Ingenio team here.

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Delivery Programmes

Our delivery programmes are designed to improve service delivery and reduce costs for technology service providers

What is Ingenio Consulting’s delivery programme?

Ingenio Consulting’s delivery programmes are specifically designed to improve service delivery and reduce costs for technology service providers. Ingenio uses the output and findings of our evaluation programme to uncover and deliver service improvements and cost savings.
These improvements are required to address difficulties in on-boarding new clients, communication among internal departments and knowledge or skill capabilities. The goal of Ingenio’s delivery programme is to raise service delivery performance and to reduce costs to help our clients become more competitive.

Why use Ingenio?

Ingenio have worked with both large corporates and SME’s across the UK and Ireland to reduce operating cost and develop a competitive advantage for our clients. Ingenio Consultants use their practical experience having worked in and run successful system integration and telecommunication companies.
Some of our clients find it difficult to deliver great service in a cost-effective manner. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, delivering an exceptional customer experience whilst generating a healthy bottom line can be a challenege. Ingenio believe that by delivering an exceptional Customer Experience, companies can increase profits by focussing on their recurring existing client base.

How does Ingenio deliver?

Ingenio design programmes to examine the on-going activities used to deliver your customers’ experience, we develop a framework that is designed to enable you deliver exceptional service. On top of this, we review the output of your service delivery by reviewing service performance data and customer feedback on an on-going basis.
This leaves Ingenio with a tangible picture of the process used to deliver to your customers. Ingenio utilize our practical experience and toolkit to implement service improvements and cost savings.


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